A Mid-Summer to Remember

July 03, 2020

“How is your summer going?” An answer to this question used to bring about discussions of long days languishing by the pool, carting the kids to various summer camps, and vacation getaways to make memories to last a lifetime. Nowadays, you may be met with the response “Is it July already?! It feels like March, but now it’s hot!” It seems like we will all remember these strange times (and hopefully you’re documenting them as well!) but how do we commemorate the season when every day feels the same as the last, and uncertainty lurks around every corner? Here are a few suggestions over the next 6 weeks to put a little pep in your step:

National Give Something Away Day-July 15th

Looking to do good to make yourself feel good? July 15th has been designated as National Give Something Away Day. This day is a day to get rid of clutter, show someone you care, and make the world a better place. National Give Something Away Day is the perfect opportunity to support your community—perhaps by purchasing a gift card for later use at your favorite local eatery or donating items to a local thrift shop? Giving something away is a great way to brighten someone’s day, provide you with a sense of freedom from things you no longer need, and in a world abundantly full of stress, the less things you have to worry about and the better you will feel.

Junk Food

National Junk Food Day- July 21st

Dedicated to the foods we like to snack on, this isn’t your average cheat day. On this day you can eat junk food for every meal. Popularized in the U.S in the 1950s, junk foods are usually, by definition, high in fats, sugars, salt, and calories. But they are also high in deliciousness! During this strange summer, indulging in your favorite treats isn’t just fun, it provides comfort in uncomfortable times.


International Day of Friendship- July 30th

Founded in 2011, this day goes beyond connecting people and builds bridges among cultures, countries, and ideologies. We live in a tough world—even on a good day! Between miscommunication, lack of trust, and cultural discord, prioritizing peace has less of a presence in our global society. Friendship and connection is supremely important as we paddle upstream through this strange summer—it is synonymous with bonding and building bridges of understanding of diversity and inclusion. Even in our differences we can find a common ground.

Celebrating friendship is as simple as a brief note or a phone call—we can all use a friend now and again

drink beer

International Beer Day-August 7th

International Beer Day gives fans worldwide just one more excuse to have a round on the first Friday in August. While we won’t be crowding into bars to raise a glass this summer, we can still toast to our favorite frothy beverage by buying a growler or 6 pack from a local brewery, trying a new brew, or sticking with an old standby. Perhaps even dream up a beer tasting dinner?


National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbors Porch Day- August 8th

It’s unclear whether or not the potential for debauchery caused by International Beer Day led to the good-natured mischief of National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbors Porch Day, but this day is a day to celebrate one of summer’s perennial bumper crops and share the love with your neighbor—or perhaps diversify your pandemic panic baking repertoire and whip up a fresh loaf of zucchini bread?


National Relaxation Day- August 15th

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses and kick back and slow down—while turning your brain off may seem impossible these days, finding a laid back activity such as yoga, or even light exercise can do a world of good to help sort through the noise. As counter intuitive as it may seem, scheduling relaxation time into your day ensures you have time to decompress and over time become part of your daily routine.

Despite the livin’ not being so easy this summertime, taking time to celebrate the lesser-known causes for celebration is a recipe for success in turning what feels like history’s longest siesta into fiesta. Enjoy!