Bringing the Feels…

September 28, 2020

Recently, we discussed the concept of how a crisis can be turned on its head and serve as an opportunity to transform the way we do business. There is a lot of evaluation of what to start doing, what to stop doing and what to keep doing as that transformation occurs. But how can you transform without reinventing the wheel? The answer lies in how you treat your customers and employees. The easiest way to create transformation and boost revenue is by delivering amazing customer service.

Customers are expensive to acquire and once you have them you can’t afford to lose them. How are you bringing the “feels” to your service plan? Understanding your customer needs and wants is generally as simple making them feel special.

Copy of Hostesses

Make them Feel Welcome and Important

Making your customers feel welcome is the first key to making them feel special. Nothing makes a customer feel more welcome and important than being called by name. Using a person’s name adds a personal touch to the customer journey that makes them feel as though your staff is tuned into their wants, need and preferences. As a manager it’s important to stress that your employees are always on stage and that the experience they deliver begins with an attentive, engaging staff.


Make Them Feel Understood and Comfortable

Now that your staff has made your customers feel welcome and important upon arrival, how will they make them feel understood and comfortable? Anticipating customer needs by listening to what they are saying (what time are they playing golf, and with whom?) and also what they are not saying (read their body language, do they seem rushed or unsettled about something—take note of this and offer a solution). Comfort also extends to your facility. Is your facility ready for customers when they arrive? Are you conducting frequent walk-throughs to ensure your location remains ready for customers—the goal is to remain as buttoned at the end of the day as when you first opened the doors to begin the day.

How does all this translate to revenue? Now that you’ve delivered excellent customer service, your satisfied customer is not only likely to return, they are likely to bring friends and family, stay longer and become loyal. Your most satisfied customers serve as brand ambassadors and no amount of paid marketing efforts can replace the power of a brand-loyal customer. If a customer feels you care, they trust you. When they trust you, they WANT to buy from you.

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