Change, Evolve and Succeed!

April 17, 2020

As society continues to evolve and clubs experience changing demands by a multi-generational membership for new products, amenities and services, clubs should be looking for ways to continuously improve to stay competitive. The clubs who survive and thrive recognize the changing times before they become noted as a ‘trend’. These trendsetters have readily adapted to changes in society. The factors that can prompt these changes can lead a club to reevaluate everything. Be on the lookout for the following changes, if you haven’t already.


Competition for club membership is well documented; most notably busy lifestyles of potential members and health/wellness needs. Travel and Leisure is reporting about an airbus concept that includes spin cycles, yet some club leaders still cling to health and wellness as a ‘fitness center’ in a re-purposed storage space, not realizing it is an entire way of life for many (menus, learning opportunities, activities, experiences). 


Technology evolves everyday. Your members receive 4,000 messages a day. Do you know the best ways to answer the demand for technology in your club to better connect with your members?

Need or Desire for Growth may spark a club to reevaluate their method of operations and capital spending. Perhaps you’ve heard, “The golf course is the most important part of my experience; spend money there.” Yet, many clubs have failed due to underinvestment in non-golf amenities. Clubs must remain competitive with all amenities.

Need to Improve Service or Process requires new thinking. How do you improve? Define “IT”. Document standards. Train frequently. Have a culture of accountability.

Government Regulations are also impacting clubs and forcing many to reevaluate every process balancing cost vs. membership value. Healthcare, overtime rules, minimum wage debates, taxes and regulations imposed on our vendors, which impact clubs are just a few to have on your radar.