Have You Set Your New Hire Resolutions for 2021?

January 01, 2021

Many moons ago, last year we discussed what the 2020 employment landscape was going to look like we had no idea how true some of our premonitions would become and how others would be flipped entirely onto their heads. What one year ago was a “war on talent” has now become an employer’s market with an oversaturation of talent. Still, candidates are specifically seeking certain features from their next employer.

According to a recent article the top six features include:


Job Stability

There is enough uncertainty out there, so this makes sense. When it comes to many of the high-turnover positions in the club industry, candidates are looking for stability so that even if clubs aren’t operating at their full capacity, their position is secure.

Growth and Development Opportunities

Prior to the pandemic the leading reason employees left their jobs was due to lack of growth and development opportunities. It continues to be a leading factor for potential and existing employees alike.

People are more likely to associate growth and development with job stability in today’s world. Employers demonstrating to candidates their investment in employee growth will highlight a future and career path within the organization, making the company more attractive compared to other jobs available.


Meaningful and Challenging Work

It is the human condition to feel like we matter. When people feel undervalued and lack challenge in the workplace, they leave. Simple as that. As Millennials and Gen Z develop within their careers, expect your employees to want to be challenged and find meaning and value in their work. Do you offer opportunities to be a team leader, train others, to present innovative ideas for growth, to work collaboratively on a project, or to provide input to complex problems? These are great opportunities to provide meaningful, challenging work while ‘deepening your bench of talented employees’ ripe for a promotion when one is available.

Total Compensation

Total compensation does not necessarily include only how much money a candidate will make. Compensation also includes added benefits and perks such as gym memberships, PTO and opportunities to achieve a maximum work life balance. These ‘non-wage/salary’ perks were cited as more important than wage/salary alone. Consider what additional perks you have to offer and promote them during the hiring process.

Remote Working

Flexibility and Work Life Balance

Even prior to COVID-19, candidates were actively seeking flexible work arrangements. Several clever managers have already found ways to rotate a management schedule so that everyone has a weekend off now and again, unheard of just 10 years ago in the hospitality industry. Now that the shutdowns created the necessity to invent different ways of working, it’s proven that many things can be achieved remotely. Employees will continue to desire and expect that sort of flexibility, especially if their home life with partners and children have been drastically altered from pre-COVID days. Home schooling, change of schools, or activities and partner or family job (or life) changes within the home will surely see many asking for increased opportunities to flexibility to better manage their life and work needs.

Obviously in the club industry, there is a significant amount of work that cannot be achieved remotely but what if some of your administrative tasks, employee onboarding and staff training was remote?


Employees thrive in environments where they don’t feel as though they are being micromanaged—they want to know that their manager is able to trust them to do their job effectively regardless of if they are working onsite or remotely.

Global economists predict that the economy will bounce back faster than expected, so we may not be in an employer’s market for long. Employers who want to come out on top must continue to manage candidate expectations or risk losing out on top talent. The time to act is now…revisit your employee journey from recruiting, to hiring, to onboarding, to training, and their day to day work experience. Employer branding and the candidate hiring experience must be in sync now more than ever. The candidate hiring experience speaks volumes about your culture and will help you find the perfect fit . Take the time now to be sure you are clearly communicating who you are, what you do, and what you value.