How Does Your Club Support Your Members and Employees?

March 13, 2020


These past few weeks the news has been filled with worrisome events that are impacting our communities in ways that many of us could never have imagined. 

At RCS, we would like to offer support, guidance and solutions for your staff to keep employees productive, safe and secure and your members feeling a continued sense of community in a time filled with much uncertainty. 

Continue to Serve Your Members

It's important to reiterate to your members that their safety is of the utmost importance. Emphasize the increased cleanliness and sanitation measures you are taking to ensure their well-being is maintained. 

Take a look at the broader picture and examine what your club can do to ease a member's concern or anxiety. Perhaps consider adding a youth program to help members who cannot take time off of work, but have children out of school for the next few weeks?Maybe it's possible to expand your grab and go meal offerings?


Have a Clear Communication Plan

Now is a great time to use all communication platforms available to you: club flyers, social media, e-mail, website, text messaging or even phone calls! 

Make sure to communicate how both members and employees will be affected by changes in plans. Your membership likely also want to know what plans are being put in place to take care of employees and ensure their safety and livelihood. 

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Keep Employees Productive

In the service industry, there is plenty that goes on behind the scenes even when you aren't busy serving others.

Now is a great time to take stock of big task list items such as deep cleaning, recipe cards/costing, small repairs/maintenance, organization, etc...

Take advantage of the down time to knock out some virtual training and boost morale through team building!