These are Unprecedented Times. RSCU is Here for You.

March 20, 2020


These are challenging days as we all respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You are undoubtedly tested daily and each day you are making tough decisions and just trying to weather the storm. We are in this together,and at RCS we want to help in any small way we can to support our friends in the field.

To that end, we want to help you fill inoperable hours or downtime for your team. Starting today, March 19th, we will be offering RCSU Virtual Training complimentary for the next 30 days. Virtual training can provide opportunities for teambuilding, professional development and a bit of a distraction from the crisis at hand, if only for a short time.

We continue to be here for you and can walk you through this quickly in just a few short steps. There are two options to get you started today.

Train Anywhere

Get Employees Started Now

  • Send your employees to
  • Ask them to click on the Covid-19 30 Day subscription link
  • Enter their information
  • Access RCSU Courses within the training portal. Here, they can print report cards, submit to management, and submit to associations for education credit.

Note that you will only be able to track progress through the printed report cards. If you’d like more functionality, see the next option to set your club up as its own location.

Sign Your Staff Up for Full Functionality

(including tracking reports and customization)

  • Sign up your staff as a location by visiting 
  • Subscribe to RCSU as a single location (Upgrade option)
  • Enter information to create an RCSU account
  • Enter your payment information in the training center
    Due to the system’s limitations, we are unable to set up individual locations for tracking without payment information entered. However, you will not be charged for 30 days and you can cancel at any time within those 30 days if you do not wish to continue your subscription. We will also send you a reminder when your free month is up.
  • Get started training and tracking progress! 

This option also allows you to upload up to 30 minutes of custom content to stay in touch with your team and really make it your own.

We truly hope that you take advantage of this offer. We are dedicated to helping managers solve their greatest pain points and providing solutions that