You Never Know Where (or When) Inspiration will Strike

June 22, 2019

Inspiration is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something” and this past week, we all felt inspired as we witnessed Gary Woodland win his first Major tournament in Pebble Beach at the US Open. A recent story about an unlikely place where Woodland found inspiration has been making the rounds in light of his big win. This past January, Woodland befriended a young woman with Downs Syndrome named Amy Bockerstette when she played (and made par from the bunker!) with him on the 16th hole the week of the Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale. A video of the two of them went viral and you can see in the video that her enthusiasm and love for the sport of golf has inspired Woodland, and he has mentioned that her friendship and drive is something he cherishes and has helped to re-ignite his passion for golf after a difficult time in his personal life.

Gary Woodland US Open Win
 Photo Credit: ERIK S LESSER EPA EFE Shutterstock
This story got us thinking about ways to keep an open mind and find inspiration; especially as the heat of summer and busy times of year can make the days long. Inspiration truly is everywhere; you simply must make a point to look for it. Here are a few pointers for finding inspiration when you are feeling less than stimulated.
Open Your Eyes and Ears
That January day in Scottsdale, Gary Woodland was not actively seeking out inspiration on the golf course, but the thing about inspiration is that it strikes you when you least expect it; but only if you are open to it. As a famous jewelry commercial once said “if your heart is open, love will find a way in,” The same applies for inspiration: if your eyes and ears are open you can find inspiration just about anywhere.
Perhaps inspiration comes from taking the time to really talk with and listen to a fellow coworker or member discuss their life and their passions? A good conversation does wonders for the soul and allows you to connect with others on a deeper level. Developing solid relationships is one key piece to finding inspiration because building trust and personal relationships is a psychological need that we all possess .
Build Yourself Up
We see in the viral video of Gary Woodland and Amy Bockerstette that, as she approaches every shot she echoes her mantra “I got this,” and in post-US Open interviews, Woodland has discussed the power of her positive thinking to help remind him that when the pressure was on with Brooks Koepka coming into the hunt that he’s “got this” too.
In both personal and professional environments, it’s imperative to encourage positive self-talk . Nothing will bring you down and drive your focus away from finding inspiration more quickly than a negative mindset.
Celebrate the Wins
Gary Woodland is celebrating a big win this week, but not all wins are headline-makers. Little wins are what bring sweetness to life, and those who find inspiration in unlikely places often find them by celebrating wins no matter how big or small.
As a manager, celebrating your employees’ wins not only helps to build them up and inspire them but it can also serve to inspire you to be more observant of the actions of your employees, as well as inspire you to set a positive example. Don’t underestimate the impact that building hope, creating trust, and promoting fun can be to a motivating work environment.
We are all inspired by different things, in different ways but the trick is to tap into that inspiration all around you. Getting involved with others, building yourself and others up, and celebrating wins are three ways that you’re sure to find yourself and your employees just a little more inspired than before.